24 Oct 2010

Listening Antonio MC - Die Stadt

There are things you cannot explain. I passed my life trying to find an explanation to things which -when one stops the effort of scrutinizing everything- demonstrate that them just exist, and that the reason of their existence is just to give you something -in most of the cases unexpected- that is enjoyable.

Here in Sevilla, in this strange group which I meet every Saturday, I met Antonio. A tall, shy guy, extremely pleasant. After few time he invited me to listen his works and to join, if I liked the sound, to him with my alto sax (I didn't even know he was a musician).  And what I heard has been revealing.

Visit his page, Die Stadt, and his project. And take your time: there is a lot to listen to. Sit on your sofa and go through his albums. I'm sure you'll find something which will make you feel better.

As Spanish say: "Nunca te acostarás sin saber algo más". Sometimes what you've learned is painful. This time, trust me, it's just nice.

Hope you like it

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