3 Nov 2010

Smashing weekend

A blue-eyed new English writer, with one of the most beautiful smiles I've ever seen, wrote this in the Book of the Faces.

It must have been the Moon.

I saw the Moon four days ago, from Melilla, and she was smiling (yes, the moon is a "She"). I went to the beach, stood in front of the Sea (best friend of the Moon) and She spoke to me (yes, the Sea is a "She", also). And smiled. I went to see the Sea almost every night. She's very patient with me, and She has always the words I need for me.

"Go with the flow."

Smashing weekend. Yes, it was the Moon, the fairy of the sky. Thanks, Moon. Thanks Sea.

Thanks, fairy.



Anonymous said...

It was Serrat who said, singing about the Mediterranean sea:

"eres como una mujer[...],
que se añora y que se quiere,
que se conoce y se teme".

Yes, definitely, the sea is a she, and every she is like the sea...

El Bebo said...

Yes, every She is like the sea... Moving continuously.